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Issues of the Mind



Most of people in big cities tend to suffer from stress levels. Sometimes it can
get too much to control anxiety and help is need. Therapy could help you to alleviate the symptoms but also assist you to start exploring and understanding the reasons why you are feeling anxious on a regular basis.


Bereavement is a unique process that tends to be painful for most of the
grieving people. Talking to a therapist could be the start point to help you
to come to terms with your loss.

Drugs & Alcohol

Addiction to substances can have a very negative impact in your life. Getting professional health with someone that has vast experience on the issue can make a big difference. The first step is wanting to change your addictive behaviour and understanding the reasons and patterns will also help to clarify the way forward. It is definitely possible to increase your quality of life even if you are not too sure how to cut it down or even stop completely your substance misuse.

Life crisis is an important part of anyone’s development. Professional help may navigate you through this difficult period of crisis in order to start making sense of your life and real changes towards better existence.

Life Crisis


Loneliness can be imposed and very damaging to our existence. Talking to someone and re-establishing your sense of connection could be an important step towards a greater movement away from isolation.


More and more relationships tend to be difficult to form, maintain and enjoy face our vast possibilities. Discussion or relationships issues with another professional, caring professionals could allow you to start understand their real meaning. You will then have more possibilities to decide what is important and hopefully prioritise accordingly.

Sexuality, gender, desire, sex are words that sometimes need more clarification when you may be struggling with your identity. Talking to a experienced therapist could make a difference to clarify your options and define better ways of connect to yourself and others.

Sexual Identity


Stress, tiredness and anxiety tend to be a common way of existence in big cities like London. However, there are different ways to try to improve your quality of life. Talking to a therapist could be a first step to shed some light on your stressors.

Trauma can affect anyone on different levels and some professional work might be needed to release the symptoms.  It can be sometimes a painful process but the goal is to lessen the impact of the traumatic memories on your present of future.


Work Issues

Many things could make our existence at work sometimes challenging and difficult. Open up our world view and try to get more ideas or insights of the issues could be the first step towards changes and better sense of well being.


If you are concerned or feel that you or someone you know are experiencing any of the issues listed above, or would like to discuss any other issues you may have, please get in touch so that I can discuss these with you and put your mind at ease.